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Health is a state

of body. Wellness is a state of being.

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Phatty Nattian of the Month

2nd Annual Phatty Nattie's Lifestyle Challenge!

Phatty Nattie’s 10-Week Challenge has finished with a bang. 39 participants engaged in the Unlimited Pass option and logged over 68,000 minutes of exercise in that 10-Week period. Participants join into this challenge for a variety of reasons. Some our simply in it to stay in shape, others are looking to lose weight and many use it to get into tiptop shape as we head into a season of activities and events.  In addition to just tracking their minutes, we also focused on a variety of wellness components such as: sleep, fruit/veggie intake, water intake, taking time for yourself, and a week where we encouraged participants to “get out of the box”/break out of their routines. Individuals were rewarded by meeting a variety of benchmarks along the way, that included headbands, coolers, salad shakers, etc… with the grand prize being a custom Yoga Mat.



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